the 16 Mile Club

The 16 Mile Club offers Ranch Members unlimited riding for a flat fee!

Club members have all our regular membership privileges AND can ride as often as they want, up to 4 hours per day!

Many stables offer part-boarding, but these programs involve paying for the use of only one horse, and often restrict when and where you can ride.  If the horse you part-board becomes lame or sick, you’re grounded.

16 Mile Club members have unlimited access to 20+ Ranch horses, so you’ll never be grounded; and you’re free to bond with one special horse, or get to know them all!  Its like owning an entire herd!P1080435

The 16 Mile Club is an annual membership, and costs $300.00 per month ($3600.00/year).  There are no refunds so be sure you’re ready to commit, but Club Members who purchase a horse and become Ranch boarders during their term, may use the remainder of their fee towards board.

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