What could be better than the freedom to ride on your own?

We’re the only stable we know of that offers this unique and very popular program: qualify to become a member and then head out on trail at your own pace and at a reduced hourly rate.  You can even take friends and family out on trail with you!Vanessa and Anna Maria

To qualify as a member, you must be at least 16 years of age and you must take lessons with us.  Membership is the first goal of our adult classes, but if you’re an experienced rider (or have your EC rider levels), you’ll just need a few private lessons to learn our horses, tack and trails.

Once you’re qualified, there is no membership fee, we just ask that you stay current by riding with us at least once a year.  Members pay $58.00 per hour to ride, and are eligible to become 16 Mile Club members.

Membership really does have it’s privileges, but only at The Ranch!

Call us to get qualified at 905-469-2989 or 905-334-2398, or email  If you’re already a member, you can reserve a ride online here or below!

the 16 Mile Club

Better than Part Board: The 16 Mile Club offers Ranch Members unlimited riding for a flat fee!
Club members have all our regular membership privileges AND can ride as often as they want, up to 4 hours per day!


    1. Hello Rhonda. For members it is $250 per month for a 12 month commitment. You may use a horse (reserved and sometimes selected by us based on other reservation needs) up to 4 hours per day. Please let me know if you need anything further at

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