Film Work & Animal Actors

We LOVE film work, and we have 30+ years of experience on set for film, TV and still photography.   We have lots of animal actors to choose from so we can work with your art direction to find the perfect horse for your vision, either in studio and on location, and we can provide or source equipment and tack from any period.

We have a sterling safety record and offer excellent on-set instruction and quiet mounts for novice riders/talent, as well as very well trained horses for the pros.

We can also provide lots of accessible location options on our two farm properties in the GTA.  Both offer great scenic possibilities; agricultural vistas, including the backdrops of Mount Nemo and Rattlesnake Point as well as 100+ year old bank barns, hay lofts, woodlots and a water feature.

See examples of some of our work below and feel free contact Vanessa Warren for more information or for a quote at 905-334-6750.

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