Pony Club Lessons

The Ranch’s Pony Club lessons are designed for children aged 6 to 12, and teach children the basics in horsemanship from learning to post at a trot to mastering small jumps.

Our ponies are all well-mannered, good little citizens – perfectly sized so as not to overwhelm small riders.  Lessons are kept very small (a maximum of 4 riders per class), to ensure safety and lots of personal attention.

rachel and rosie

As with all of our lessons, children are taught not just to ride, but to groom, tack and clean up after their horses.  This holistic approach teaches awareness and understanding of animal behaviour that translates into better understanding and communication in the saddle.

Interested parents and children are welcome to drop in and watch a class, and parents are always welcome to stay and (unobtrusively) watch their children progress.

Please contact us at ponyclub@ridetheranch.com or at 905-407-8914 with questions or to enrol.  Learn about our fantastic Pony Club coach HERE.


12 lesson semester: $684.00, HST included

Classes have a max. of 4 students, and are held Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Students ride for 45 minutes each lesson.

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