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Adults learn very differently from children, and often those differences can make learning to ride as an adult a difficult or frustrating undertaking.  Our bodies are generally more rigid, and (lets face it) a little less athletic, our balance can be less intuitive, and we tend to overthink what is a very “feely” physical journey.  Many adult learners must also overcome some (very normal) nerves around riding these large flight animals.  We can help.

A Community of Adult Riders

Western riding is a great choice for adults wanting to become equestrians,

…the larger saddle and slower gaits making mastering the basics a little easier (especially in the beginning).  Getting adult predators to communicate with prey animals (and that, in the end, is what learning to ride IS) has its challenges, but at the Ranch, we’re very good at it.

Having coaches who understand adult learning styles, as well as lesson times and programs that respect your busy schedule are also key.

Finally, any rider will tell you…

“There is no better teacher than time in the saddle.”

This can be a BIG challenge!

At the Ranch, once you have become competent in some important basics, you are encouraged to come out and practice-ride, to get past your adult over-thinking brain and establish a more intuitive feel for the skills you’re developing in lessons.

You can choose to work towards a membership, where you’ll be able to ride on your own, indoors or out, at a reduced rate (our members can also take friends and family on trail with them).

Or, you might choose to work towards your nationally recognized Equine Canada (EC) Rider Levels; and we can help you accomplish that as well.

Whatever your objectives!

Experienced riders can arrange for an assessment to join an existing advanced class, or fast-track to a membership – a riding program unique to the Ranch.  You can also arrange for private lessons to take the rust off your riding skills for an upcoming trip, or for film work.

Whatever your objectives as an adult rider, we can help you accomplish them.  Scroll down to book your lesson online, call the barn at 905-469-2989, or contact our Western Coach, Cheryl Gullion, directly at 905-334-2398 or at


  • Adult Basic Western Horsemanship (10 lesson package, 6 to 8 riders per class):  $700.00
  • Family or Small Group Lessons: $70.00/rider/45 min
  • Semi-private Lessons: $75.00/rider/45 min
  • Adult Private Lessons, Weekday:  $80.00/45 min
  • Adult Private Lessons, Weeknight or Weekend: $90.00/45 min  *Weekend private lessons are not offered during our summer season.

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