“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.”
– Helen Thompson –

The Ranch offers lessons for every kind of learner; beginner to advanced, aged 6 to senior.  Whatever your learning objectives, we  offer beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities, kind and qualified coaching staff, and safe and patient horses.

You can explore everything we offer in the following pages, whether you’re:

  • an adult who has always dreamed of learning to ride – see our Adult lesson page
  • a novice rider who wants to continue a life-long pursuit, consider our Membership Program
  • a little girl or boy who dreams of riding and jumping – see our Pony Club Lessons, or
  • a child who dreams of trail riding or competing in western performance – see our Children’s Western Lessons


Feel free to call us anytime to arrange an introductory lesson, or for help in finding the lesson program that fits your needs.  You can reach our Western Coach, Cheryl at 905-334-2398 or at coaching@ridetheranch.com, or our Pony Club Coach, Nicole Cave at 905-407-8914 or at ponyclub@ridetheranch.com.

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