About Us

The Ranch is owned and operated by Cary and Vanessa Warren. Cary opened The Ranch in 1981 and has been creating great experiences in the saddle in the 30 years since.  We are one of that last public riding facilities left in the GTA, and the reason is that we offer safe, fun, first experiences for all ages, as well as a range of services for more experienced riders from beginner to advanced lessons, to memberships, to boarding.

“Our mission is to be compassionate and educated in all our equestrian pursuits, and to share our love of horses and horsemanship with our community.”

Cary is a Reiner, former NRHA judge, farrier, farmer, and general workaholic.  Vanessa is UofG BSc. grad, Equine Canada Coach, and a western rider who’s found religion in her dressage saddle.  They have two beloved ‘fur kids’, Jenny and Sophie, as well as two grown-up children who still ride and keep their horses at the Ranch.


Cary Warren, hard at work as ever

Vanessa, Cisco and Jenny

Vanessa in her happy place

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