Horseback riding can be dangerous, and there is no way to completely guarantee a rider’s safety. There are however, a number of ways that The Ranch helps to reduce the risks involved, to make your ride as safe and comfortable as possible. Our safety features include:

Trained and Competent Trail Guides

Having a calm, knowledgeable and communicative guide is imperative — particularly for novice riders who might need more information or encouragement.

Our trail guides are accomplished riders who oversee all aspects of your ride: from matching you to the appropriate horse, to checking all equipment before your ride, to making themselves totally available to answer questions or solve any problems on trail.

We are very proud of our staff, and thanks to them — our safety record is sterling!


Riding Helmets provided at no cost.
Riding Helmets provided at no cost.

Never underestimate the value of a helmet which are mandatory at The Ranch  for everyone.  Our supply of helmets is always being updated and refurbished and they are available to you free of charge. Bike helmets are not suitable, as they are not certified for riding.


Tapaderos on all of our saddles and kiddy-stirrups.
Tapaderos on all of our saddles and kiddy-stirrups.

Proper riding footwear – boots or shoes with a heel – is not always practical or available for the occasional or first time rider, but on a standard saddle this footwear prevents a rider from slipping through and becoming caught in the stirrup.

The Ranch continues to recommend proper footwear, but we have also equipped all of our stirrups with tapidaros as an additional safety feature. A tapadaro is a stiff leather cover that is riveted to the stirrup to prevent a rider’s foot from falling through. They also prevent entanglements with branches and bush.

Walk/Jog Trails

Many Novice riders picture themselves galloping through the countryside on horseback. The reality is that ‘sitting’ and communicating with a horse properly takes time and practice.

All of the one-hour trails at The Ranch are WALK/JOG ONLY to ensure that no one is pushed beyond their ability to stay mounted and in control. At a request, we can provide a walk-only trail for groups of beginners.

If, after you’ve mastered the jog and you still have visions of racing through the countryside, we highly recommend that you take some lessons and become a member!

Age Restrictions

Children under the age of 10 are not permitted on trail because it simply isn’t safe. The Ranch also strictly prohibits double riding. Please note that 8 and 9 year old children enrolled in our lesson program are permitted on trail.

We invite you to have a wonderful memorable experience on horseback, and we invite you to do it safely!

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