Frequently Asked Question’s

What happens if it rains?

We ride rain or shine (though thunderstorms keep us in the barn) but you sure don’t have to!  If you’d like to dress for the weather and come anyway, we’ll take you – and though we usually require 24 hours notice of changes or cancellations, we’re happy to reschedule or refund anytime due to rain!  If it’s really yucky out, we generally call to see what you’d prefer, but there’s zero risk if you want to wait and see.

We do ask that any last minute changes be done via phone to the Ranch barn at 905-469-2989.  We’re not always near a desk so email communication will not work last minute.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Other than for rain, we do ask for at least 24 notice of cancellations or changes.  For our Twilight Group Rides we require 7 days notice of cancellations.

Is there a minimum number of riders required to book a trail?

We do require a minimum of two riders per trail, and a minimum of 10 riders for a twilight ride or specialty group ride.  Our online booking system won’t let you book for one rider, however, if you are a single rider, you may call the barn to make a reservation on an existing trail ride (905-469-2989).

Do you have a weight limit?

Our weight limit is 250lbs.  If you are a larger rider please note that you will also need to be able to mount a larger horse from a mounting block without physical assistance.

Can my child ride with me on the saddle?

NO, it’s not safe to have more than one person in the saddle at one time.  Trail rides are only suitable for riders aged 10 and up, and everyone must ride their own horse.

Can we bring our dog(s) to The Ranch?

NO, we have our own Ranch dogs that might not appreciate the visitors, and its also dangerous to bring new dogs to a working farm; so please leave your dogs at home.  Do NOT plan on leaving your dog in the car while you visit.

Can I sign a waiver for someone else’s child?

NO, every rider under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  If you’re bringing someone else’s child, print out a waiver and have it signed by a parent or guardian before you visit.

Can I bring my camera on the trail ride?

No.  You will need both hands on the reins while riding, and if you drop your camera while riding, you are not permitted to dismount to retrieve it.  We will be taking pictures throughout the ride and they will be emailed to you at no charge (starting September 1st 2018)

Can we bring apples and carrots for the horses?

YES, but please ask staff which horses you can feed. Not all the horses on the property should be hand-fed treats, AND you’ll need to be careful of the electric fences!

Can we get to you by public transit?

NO, unfortunately there is no public transit that can get you to Rural Oakville.  We are fairly close to Oakville and Milton GO stations, and some visitors take taxis from those locations.

Can we bring our own tack?

NO, our horses have their own tack that is specially fitted for them, and is monitored and maintained for your safety and the safety of the horse.

 Can we walk out on your trails or ship-in to ride on your trails?

NO.  Our apologies, but due to safety and liability concerns, our trails are not for public use.

Can I ride with you if I’m disabled?

We will do our best to accommodate you, but need to speak with you in advance to plan for a safe ride.  In cases where we cannot accommodate you safely, we highly recommend Windrush Therapeutic Riding Centre in Milton.


  1. Hi we are planing to bring kids to try your trails, what’s the age limitation / minimum height restriction ?

    We have 8 , 11 year old boys and also 2 year old and a 4 months old baby .

    Looking forward to hearing answer from you .

    1. Hello! We certainly offer lessons (select “learn with us” from our menu for more info), and our trails are guided so you definitely have an instructor with you (one guide per 6 riders).

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