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Howdy beloved Boarders, and happy February.  The days are getting encouragingly longer, and the sun feels just a little bit more intense; harbingers of more pleasant times ahead.

kate and hugo
Kate and Hugo

A big welcome to Kassandra and Sultan (the cute new paint in the gelding paddock), and a huge welcome back to Katie and Hugo!  Fond farewells to Mildmay and Jaegar, Pheonix, and Mel.  It is always difficult to lose great boarders, but we fully realize that the Ranch can’t be all things to all horses, and we wish them health and happiness in their respective new barns!

Welcome also, to our new website!  A few boarder-specific features of this public blog that I hope will be useful and interactive include the Boarder’s calendar to the right, as well as the boarder’s poll (first one below).  I will try and keep the calendar as current as possible with vet dates, boarder’s rides, farrier visits etc., but would also love to include ‘community’ dates like shows, or ship-out rides, so please let me know if there are dates you’d like included.  I hope the polls will be a great way to ask questions, pick dates for events, or pick our marvellous group of boarder’s brains, so if you have a burning question for a poll, I’d be happy to hear that as well.

Finally, if you click on the blue WordPress “follow” button in the lowest right-hand corner of this page, then you’ll be notified when there’s breaking news 🙂

Here’s to getting through a horrid January, and to brighter (and warmer?!?) days ahead.  Happy Trails!

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