Meanwhile, Back at The Ranch

Winter hours: now open for Trail Rides on Weekends and Holidays from November to May, including the winter break from December 19th to January 3rd (Closed December 25th).

Pony Rides, Pony Parties, and Twilight Rides are now closed for the season, and we are unable to offer Sleigh Rides during the 2015/2016 Holiday Season :(

Students, Members and Boarders continue to ride year-round on trail and in our beautiful indoor arena! Enrol Now for fall/winter riding lessons for adults or children!

Join us as we guide beginner and expert riders alike through miles of scenic trails in the pristine heart of escarpment country!

We are located in Oakville, Ontario just south of Milton and only 35 minutes from downtown Toronto.

Can Anyone Ride?

Whatever your skill level, just bring your love of equis and the outdoors, and our qualified and friendly staff will ensure that you are safely equipped to thoroughly enjoy your ride!

The Ranch can accommodate any level of able-bodied rider, age 10 and up.  Younger children are welcome to join us for pony rides.  Helmets are available for your use and our tack and horses are well cared for and trail-safe… and you can do more than just ride trails!  We have outstanding adult and children’s lessons, a membership program, summer camps, hay and sleigh rides, birthday parties, boarding and more!

We’re Open Year Round!

Visit us on weekends from November through April, and 7 days/week from May through October.  We recommend you make a reservation to ride with us, but we’ll do our best to accommodate you if you drop in.  Make a reservation HERE, or call the barn at 905-469-2989.

13 Comments on “Meanwhile, Back at The Ranch

  1. This was a fantastic ride it was booked as a Father’s Day gift and was lovely. The staff and horses are just fantastic professional friendly happy caring this was a most enjoyable relaxing ride
    The 9am ride was perfect
    Thank you and see you again
    Tracy Andy Cory and Liam

  2. My Daughter and I had such a great time it was awesome we had a super nice guide named Erin and we allowed to feed the horses some pieces of apples and a few carrots once we got back to the stable. I rode Eddie and my Daughter rode rangler it was truly a wonderful experience and will be doing it again soon.
    Thank you
    Craig Wallace

  3. had a great couple rides,.. our hop along dog chased a grouse and spooked the horses,.. a little,. and on we went,. love the barn,built well, next ride on a draught horse,..

  4. Best experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the horses were gentle and sweet. It had been years for me and my boyfriend had never been on a horse. Thanks for an amazing day!!!

  5. My friends and I went to The Ranch to celebrate one of our birthdays. We went on a Monday, 7PM trail ride, and ended up being the only ones there! It was perfect. The scenery is beautiful, and the trail goes through meadows and a forest. We even got to see a deer while riding along the trail. The girl leading our trail ride, Liz, was awesome! I felt like we were all friends hanging out. She knew how to talk to and treat the horses, while encouraging us and educating us along the way. The entire experience was amazing, and I know I’ll be going back to The Ranch soon.

  6. I’m one of Julia’s friends (mentioned in the post above) from the Monday evening trail ride with Liz and I have to second her review – it was a wonderful experience! Liz was knowledgable, personable, and so fun to chat with. She clearly loved her job and made us feel comfortable and confident on our horses. I got to ride Clyde the Clydesdale – he was the biggest sweetie! It was love at first sight. We also got to meet a 4-day-old filly while we were visiting – the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve already been recommending The Ranch to my friends and family and will definitely be going back there myself!

  7. I’m one of Julia’s friends (mentioned in the post above) who went on the Monday evening trail ride and I have to second her review – the experience was wonderful! Liz was knowledgeable, so much fun to chat with, and clearly loved her job. I got to ride Clyde the Clydesdale and he was the biggest sweetie – it was love at first sight. We also got to meet a 5-day-old filly while we were visiting – the sweetest little thing we’ve ever seen! I’ve already recommended The Ranch to others and I will definitely be back again myself :)

  8. I LOVE coming to trail ride here! I’ve been here with my best friend who I’ve learned to ride with and my sister who is a bit of a beginner :) Horses are all really friendly and adorable! Loved being able to give them carrots and apples at the end!

  9. I enjoyed my trail ride on sweet Dolly. I ride English elsewhere in fenced rings, so the Western trail ride through field and forest was a nice birthday treat.

    Unfortunately our one-hour trail ride booked for 11:00 started late and ended late. I had to skip my lunch to get to another appointment at 1:45 and I was still late. I would return if it could start on time.

  10. Looking forward to coming back to the Ranch once the children get back to school. Last I was there I rode Clyde as well he is a Beauty as Andrea stated see soon.
    Craig wallace

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